The Greatest Viral Breaking Bad Themed Videos on the Web

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Breaking Bad is one of the greatest shows ever. That being said, it was inevitable that a slew of Breaking Bad parody videos would hit the Web. Walter White and company are the subjects some creative reinterpretations of the series. The Greatest Breaking Bad Parody Videos blends Breaking Bad with things you wouldn't normally associate the show with. For example, would you ever in your wildest imagination think to mix Breaking Bad with Brokeback Mountain? Normally you would think that these two things went together like oil and water. Not here. The same goes for reimagining Walter White in a late '80s ABC sitcom. How about if the intro to Breaking Bad was the same as The Office? 

The possibilities for making a great Breaking Bad spoof video are endless. But these are the best and funniest of the lot. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this collection of the best Breaking Bad videos on the Internet. 
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