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The Greatest Dark Knight Rises Trailer Parodies

Dark Knight Rises trailer parodies hit the internet almost as soon as the actual trailers do. Showing exactly how highly anticipated the film is, and how pretty much all of Christopher Nolan's movies become memes, here are the best Dark Knight Rises trailer spoofs, parodies and mashups. From the LEGO version of the Dark Knight Rises trailer, to the amazingly done Lion King Dark Knight Rises trailer mash-up, these are the funniest, most clever and most well done of the Dark Knight Rises trailer video meme.

NMA Animation Studio (based in Taiwan) even made their own trailer spoof very early on, which shows just how big of an event the release of a new Dark Knight Rises trailer. With the release of the newest and final Dark Knight Rises trailer, the internet is buzzing with spoilers, theories and anticipation.

Enjoy the Batman trailer parodies.

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    The Lion King Rises

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    Dark Knight Rises Trailer Parody, Sweded

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    The Dark Alfred Rises

    In this movie, Alfred tries to make Bruce Wayne play football and attempts to get Bane laid.

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    The Social Network/Dark Knight Rises Trailer Mash-Up

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    Taiwan's NMA Animation Studio's Dark Knight Rises Spoof

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    Dark Knight Rises Trailer with Cats via TRAILER CATS

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