The Greatest Moments in Survivor History Anything
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The Greatest Moments in Survivor History

List Criteria: Moments or 'storylines' from the show. No single characters or lines.

Survivor is easily one of the very best reality shows out there. It's been around for a long time now, and during that time there have been plenty of pure AWESOME moments. These are just the ones that I consider the best, but I have probably forgotten some -- and it's pretty subjective. Vote on your faves and, even better, make your own version of the ranking. Switch the list to Info View if you want to add a new item.

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    J.T. Gives Idol to Russell (Heroes & Villains)

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    This was spectacular on so many levels.  Watching JT just assume that Russell was alone in his tribe, that he was struggling for his position... that was funny enough. But that it was RUSSELL he was offering to save, that he actually GAVE AWAY his idol to RUSSELL. I am still laughing just thinking about it. Sure, I know that JT didn't know Russell and had not, at that point, seen Russell's season and how he played... but come ON. That was a spectacularly risky thing to do, and had about a 5% chance of working. JT should have known better. Plus... the letter itself sounded like JT was writing a furtive love letter. It was so good, and so hilarious. They could not have scripted something better.

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