The Greatest Party Foul Photos in Internet History Anything
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The Greatest Party Foul Photos in Internet History

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"Party Foul" is defined as when someone does something socially unacceptable while among friends or in a large group of people.

Chronicling the best moments before someone ruins a night, dress, carpet or otherwise, these are the greatest pictures of party fouls the internet has to offer. Check out and vote on the photos taken in the last milliseconds before everyone realizes that someone has committed a horrendous, record-scratch of a party foul.

What are the greatest party fouls captued in picture form? From girls ending friendships on each other by hugging with drinks in their hand, to guys who waited until the flash went off to start vomiting, these are the most FAIL-filled, wonderfully disgusting, surprising and amazing photographic moments in party foul history.
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    Everyone But Her Has Realized What's Just Happened

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