The Greatest Wizard Magazine Covers By J. Scott Campbell Anything

The Greatest Wizard Magazine Covers By J. Scott Campbell

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In honor of the recent demise of Wizard Magazine after 20 years of publication, I thought it would be fitting to wave them off with one of the greatest things about the magazine's history: J. Scott Campbell's covers. J. Scott Campbell is the famous comic book artist who's best known for Gen 13, his Spider-Man covers and making Disney Princesses look really hot for a calendar. So here are the 10 greatest covers the man ever did for the only magazine out there that was giving an adequate shoutout to the creators, artists and stars of some of the greatest comic books in the medium.
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    Barack Obama Terrorist Fist Bump Cover from Issue #211

  2. 2

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cover for Issue #217

  3. 3

    Wolverine vs. Snake Eyes from Issue #126

  4. 4

    Danger Girl Cover from Issue #78

  5. 5

    Teen Titans Drawn By a Primarily Marvel Artist Issue #145

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