The Grossest Bugs on Earth

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List Criteria: Only arthropods that are actually shuddery-gross... not necessarily scary or dangerous.

I love insects. I do. I fear spiders, but I respect them and try not to let my fear control me when I see one. However, there are bugs that are simply gross. Just really, really gross. Not just ugly (though, definitely ugly), but also nasty in their habits and their behavior. These are the grossest bugs in the world. I know I've left some off the list, so go ahead and add any I've missed. Vote up the nastiest of the nasty.

These aren't the scariest bugs you'll ever happen across, though some might give you a fright. These little dudes are just super gross - the grossest, nastiest bugs ever.
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    Cave Spider

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    Also known as the Tailless Whip Scorpion, this is neither a spider nor a scorpion. But it sure the @$#%#$% is terrifying.
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    Camel Spider

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    Asian Giant Hornet

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    Shudder. It's like a cross between two of the most creepy things - spiders and centipedes. 

    House centipedes actually feed on spiders, bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, silverfish, ants, and other things we hate in our house. Too bad they are almost worse. It turns out that the thing that's the most creepy about them, their gazillion long legs, is how they administer their venom! GAH! So strictly speaking they sting rather than bite and they tend to do it at night. When the centipede is in danger of becoming prey itself, it can detach any legs that have become trapped. 

    Of course it can.
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    Cattle Tick

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    Oh jeez. This list is seriously making me gag. Ticks are bad enough, their whole nasty family of bloodsucking disease-carriers... but Cattle Ticks? If any of you have ever spent any time around livestock, you know what I mean. Horses, sheep and cattle... you'll be walking by or maybe grooming a horse and GAAAAHHHH! It's the size of a grape. A GRAPE! and it's all white and giant, and filled with blood. 

    And you have to get some horseshoe tongs or something and pull it off and... ok, I'm totally traumatized now. This is why I am not living on a ranch right now, people. 
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    Despite their name, Jerusalem crickets are not true crickets, nor are they native to Jerusalem. They are in the same family as the Weta, which is why they both look so shiny and fleshy and blaaarrrgh. These nocturnal insects use their strong mandibles to feed primarily on dead organic matter but can also eat other insects. Their highly adapted feet are used for burrowing beneath moist soil to feed on decaying root plants and tubers.

    While Jerusalem crickets are not venomous they can emit a foul smell and are capable of inflicting a painful bite. Not to worry, I won't be picking this thing up any time soon.
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    Hey! Everyone loves cockroaches! What are they doing on this list? All filthy and skittering and impossible to smash. Hiding in dark corners and swarming on all their gross hairy legs. In our KITCHEN! Where the food is!

    Yes. This is the king of gross, this thing. I love bugs, and I can't STAND these things.

    They are FAST.  I mean, they should be impressive if they weren't so nasty. They've been clocked at 3.4 mph, about 50 body lengths per second, which would be is like a human running 210 mph. They are adaptative and ridiculously bulletproof. The myth about them surviving radiation is no myth. 
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    There must be something about a shiny carapace, right? Or maybe it's those little moving pincher things on the butt, which they use to capture and hold prey.

    Their gross name may be related to the old wives' tale that earwigs burrowed into the brains of humans through the ear and laid their eggs there. Earwigs like hiding in warm humid crevices and I suppose nothing is stopping thrm from occasionally crawling into the human ear canal (much like any other small organism). Not that I've ever heard of something like that happening. (Though a spider did once crawl into mom's ear when she was sleeping. I know. I didn't sleep for a week after that.) 

    Earwigs can also do that cockroach thing and get all flat to fit into the tiniest places you could ever imagine. Barf.
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