The Halo Cast List, Halo Fantasy Casting People In Film
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The Halo Cast List, Halo Fantasy Casting

The Halo movie has been announced, delayed, and cancelled more times times than it's biggest fans have dated a woman. The Halo film franchise, and let's face it, when a Halo movie gets made it will kick off a franchise, has yet to get to a casting phase, so here are my fantasy casting choices for a Halo movie. Hopefully directed by Neil Blomkamp, cause his short Halo films were amazing. They were included in the 30 Greatest Live Action Video Game Commercials. I even left the list open so you can add who you think should be in the movie. Just make sure to add what character they'd play in the comments.

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    He's got the voice, and the build for it. You may never see his face, but I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan could handle it.

    Runner Up: Karl Urban

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    The starship AI that won the hearts of geeks everywhere, should be played by an actress that has done the same. Feisty and intelligent while also being vulnerable, it was a match made in heaven. Plus, if made right we'll get to see a weird CG body scan naked version of Evangeline as Cortana.

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    Gunnery Seargent Buck

    Why mess with a good thing. Let's include ODST Buck in the mox and cast the man who played him in Halo 3: ODST.

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    Michael 'Mickey' Crespo and the voice of the grunts.

    Alan Tudyk voiced marines in the origianl games and Mickey in ODST. I say bring him into the movie and also have him work a little over time providing voices for a grunt or two. His range is so diverse he could do double duty and no one would notice.

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    Sergeant Major Avery Johnson

    The stogy smoking Sergeant Major is at the frontline of almost every major battle in Halo, and Elba has displayed the tenacity and sarcastic timing necessary to play the bad ass that gives Master Chief his marching orders.

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    If you can't tell by now, I want a Halo movie to be a blance between ODST and Halo. ODST had dynamic characters that I'd love to see again, and the casting as spot on, so why not? Let's include geek favorite Adam Baldwin as his ODST Marine, Dutch.

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