The 7 Greatest Health Benefits of Video Games Video Games
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The 7 Greatest Health Benefits of Video Games

For many years we've been taught that video games are bad for our health and will turn us into couch potatoes. However, recent studies have revealed that there are health benefits to video game play.Yes, that's right, playing video games isn't always a bad thing. Here are some of the health benefits one may experience from playing certain types of video games.

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    Weight Loss

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    With the invention of game systems and games that force users to get up and move in order to play them, gamers can now increase their chances of weight loss success while remaining entertained and engaged. Games like those offered by EA Active offer a wide range of activities to keep users moving, including tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball, boxing and more. Football fans can even workout like the pros. And for those who enjoy dancing, there's games like Dance Dance Revolution. All of these combined with a well-balanced diet will definitely help those looking to lose weight.

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