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The Heat Movie Quotes

"The Heat" movie quotes tell the often humorous tale of what happens when a straight-laced FBI agent is tasked with working together with a rowdy Boston detective in search of a Russian mobster. The crime comedy movie was written by "Parks and Recreation" scribe Katie Dippold and directed by Pail Feig, who previously saw success with the comedy "Bridesmaids." "The Heat" opened in theaters in the United States on June 28, 2013.

In "The Heat," Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is a successful yet not respected FBI agent who struggles to fit in among her peers. Much to her displeasure, she is sent by her supervisor to Boston, Massachusetts, to take the lead on an investigation to nab a Russian mobster. In Boston, Ashburn meets the police captain (Tom Wilson) first then the Boston Police detective she'll be working with, Detective Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy). Despite having the captain on her side, Agent Ashburn is not welcomed by Detective Mullins and the two instantly clash.

The two ladies try their best to work together to take down the enemy but the combination of Ashburn's conservative style and Mullins' often foul and unconventional style initially do not mesh well together. In the end however the officers realize that they might not be all too different after all and perhaps the two of them, who never really had friends on their own, might just be perfect friends for one another.

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    Not a Team Player

    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "Sir, I don't understand. I have closed more cases than any agent here."
    Supervisor: "You are skilled but you are not a team player. None of the other agents like you."

    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn is surprised to learn from her supervisor that she's been assigned to head to Boston to help the local police catch a Russian mobster. The boss explains that while she is a strong agent, Ashburn lacks the teamwork needed to be successful. Quite simply, Ashburn is not liked by her peers.

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    Looking for My Balls

    Captain Frank Woods: "The FBI has jurisdiction…"
    Detective Shannon Mullins: "Nope, not in there"
    Captain Frank Woods: "Will you stop?"
    Detective Shannon Mullins: "Nope, they're not in there"
    Captain Frank Woods: "Knock it off, Mullins!"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "What is she doing?"
    Captain Frank Woods: "She's looking for my balls."
    Detective Shannon Mullins: "Hey has anyone seen the captain's balls? Let me know. They're about this big. They're like really, really tiny little girl balls, if little girls had balls."

    Detective Shannon Mullins is clearly bothered by Captain Frank Woods' decision to side with the FBI and Special Agent Sarah Ashburn in regards to which agency has jurisdiction and takes out her frustrations in a quite unconventional manner… by searching the office for his balls.

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    Where Is My Prisoner?

    Detective Shannon Mullins: "Where is my prisoner?"
    Jail Guard: "They came and got him."
    Detective Shannon Mullins: "Who is they? There better be two of me. Is it two of me? I'm going to make you bend over and I'm going to reach up and into your pocket to get the keys to your house and then I'm going to drive there and stab you with your own badge. That's what I'm going to do."

    Detective Shannon Mullins is upset to learn that her prisoner has been taken by someone other than herself. She takes out this frustration by describing in detail what she'd like to do to the jail guard.

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    You Don't Fit In

    Detective Shannon Mullins: "You are killing us out there! You don't fit in!"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "I am a federal agent."
    Detective Shannon Mullins: "Really, cause you look like you're going to set up a table and do their f****** taxes! What are those?"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "They're Spanx. They're Spanx. They just hod everything together."
    Detective Shannon Mullins: "Why? What's gonna come popping out?"

    In attempting to work undercover in a club, Detective Mullins feels that Special Agent Ashburn sticks out like a cop. In attempting to improve Ashburn's image, Mullins discovers a hidden secret which only raises more questions.

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    Mentally Ill

    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "I think this individual might be mentally ill."
    Supervisor: "No, no, just work with her. She is the best cop."

    After attempting to work with Detective Shannon Mullins, Special Agent Sarah Ashburn pleads with her boss to leave the assignment by citing that Mullins is mentally ill. The boss disagrees, calling Mullins the best cop, and urging them to work together.

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    We'll Take You Out

    Detective Shannon Mullins: "Suprise!"
    Terrell Rojas: "Oh, come on, man!"
    Terrell's Female Friend: "Get out, bull in china shop!"
    Terrell Rojas: "What part of out do you not understand?"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "You want to go out?"
    Detective Shannon Mullins: "We'll take you out."
    [Ashburn and Mullins hold Terrell from the apartment's balcony]
    Detective Shannon Mullins: "I can't hold ya."
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "All right, let's pull him up."
    Detective Shannon Mullins: "No wait, I'm not kidding anymore. I really, I can't lift him up."
    [Ashburn and Mullins drop Terrell]
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "He's all right, right though? The metal car broke his fall?"

    An unconventional interrogation technique goes horribly wrong when the suspect they are holding upside down from an apartment balcony is dropped head first onto a metal car hood below. Clearly they need to work on their techniques.

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