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The Heat Movie Quotes

"The Heat" movie quotes tell the often humorous tale of what happens when a straight-laced FBI agent is tasked with working together with a rowdy Boston detective in search of a Russian mobster. The crime comedy movie was written by "Parks and Recreation" scribe Katie Dippold and directed by Pail Feig, who previously saw success with the comedy "Bridesmaids." "The Heat" opened in theaters in the United States on June 28, 2013.

In "The Heat," Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is a successful yet not respected FBI agent who struggles to fit in among her peers. Much to her displeasure, she is sent by her supervisor to Boston, Massachusetts, to take the lead on an investigation to nab a Russian mobster. In Boston, Ashburn meets the police captain (Tom Wilson) first then the Boston Police detective she'll be working with, Detective Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy). Despite having the captain on her side, Agent Ashburn is not welcomed by Detective Mullins and the two instantly clash.

The two ladies try their best to work together to take down the enemy but the combination of Ashburn's conservative style and Mullins' often foul and unconventional style initially do not mesh well together. In the end however the officers realize that they might not be all too different after all and perhaps the two of them, who never really had friends on their own, might just be perfect friends for one another.

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    A Narc?

    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "Uh, that is, that is one of the better sports-themed Jesus paintings I've seen. It's very good. It's nice."
    Michael Mullins: "Are you a narc?"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "I'm sorry"
    Michael Mullins: "Are you a narc?"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "A knock? I'm sorry. I don't know what that is."
    Michael Mullins: "A narc. Am I speaking Japanese?"
    Mark Mullins: "Yeah, listen to him."
    Michael Mullins: "I'm going to sound it out for you. Are you or are you not a narc?! Like Johnny Depp in 20 Jump Street?"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "Ahhh, I see, I see, okay, a narc."
    Michael Mullins: "A narc, yes"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "Yes, yes"
    Michael Mullins: "What was I saying?!"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "I was missing the R when you were saying. I heard knock."
    Mullins Brother: "What are you? What are you doing here? What are you doing?"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "I'm a federal agent. I'm a special agent."Mullins Sister: "Are you a boy or a girl?"
    Second Mullins Sister: "It's a fair question."
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "Uh, I'm… I'm female."
    Michael Mullins: "No kidding"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "All woman"
    Mark Mullins: "From the get go?"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "Um"
    Mark Mullins: "No operation?"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "Um… From birth, yes"
    Mullins Sister: "How do you get that close a shave on your face?"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "I need to go but I'll be back to um…"
    Michael Mullins: "Nice knowing ya"
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "Uh, thank you"

    When Special Agent Sarah Ashburn visits the Mullins family for dinner, things go from lost in translation, as Ashburn struggles to communicate with the family members' thick Boston accents, to awkward, as the family members question Ashburn's gender.

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    Shut the Door On You

    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "I'm Special Agent Sarah Ashburn. Are you about to be interrogated by an officer?"
    Detective Shannon Mullins: "I am an officer and that's my perp."
    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "Could you just close the door on the way out?"
    Detective Shannon Mullins: "I'll shut the door on you. Will you lay down here and put your head in the door? Then I'll slam it about 157 thousand times."
    Terrell Rojas: "Oh, girl, you better run!"

    When Special Agent Sarah Ashburn and Detective Shannon Mullins first meet, Ashburn mistakes the officer for someone under arrest. Needless to say, Mullins does not take this first impression well.

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    Don't Do Slang

    Special Agent Sarah Ashburn: "That's how we do it on the streets. Word!"
    Detective Shannon Mullins: "Don't do slang. It's like watching a nun make out. It's uncomfortable."

    As unreasonable as Detective Shannon Mullins can often be, she does have a point about Special Agent Sarah Ashburn using slang. Listening to an FBI agent use street slang is just about as uncomfortable as watching a nun make out.

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