The Hottest Cartoon Characters Of All Time!!! Fictional Characters
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The Hottest Cartoon Characters Of All Time!!!

You'll notice redheads, brunettes and the fair raven-haired here. If you're looking for blondes, check somebody else's list!
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    Witty sarcasm will always get you far.
  2. 2
    The hot, goth chick you can never really land....yeah.
  3. 3


    So, when everybody else decided 'Holli Would' was a hot cartoon-I was looking at her
  4. 4

    Red Hot Riding Hood

  5. 5
    Tell me you didn't have some kind of crush on're a LIAR!
  6. 6
    I think it's mainly her hopeful-but-strong-enough-without-you attitude. Those hips don't hurt.

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