The Hottest Cartoon Characters Of All Time!!! Fictional Characters
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The Hottest Cartoon Characters Of All Time!!!

You'll notice redheads, brunettes and the fair raven-haired here. If you're looking for blondes, check somebody else's list!

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  1. 21

    ...of 'Blood: The Last Vampire'. (The anime-not that live-action crap) If you don't know, then you don't know.

  2. 22

    There was bound to be a guy on here somewhere...I am a chick, after all. It's gonna have to be Jane's brother, Trent. Oh, I used to wish and wish there were boys like him in real life.

  3. 23

    She's a hot demon! You should watch this show (Ugly Americans)! Or read the book 'Monster' by A. Lee Martinez as their plots are eerily similar...

  4. 24

    It's always the women in showbiz that have the look...and this 'pheasant' is no different.

  5. 25

    Princess Yum Yum

    Tehehehe! She's from 'The Thief and the Cobbler'. One of those that just flies under the radar...

  6. 26

    She's probably drawn the most sexy of all the cartoons drawn. Sadly, it takes more than just curves...personality, for instance, helps.

  7. 27

    Peter: "Alright, alright, okay. Let's just try and walk straight here. Lois get up. C'mon."
    Lois: "Get on."
    Peter: "I am not gonna get on, Lois. Lois you get up."
    Lois: "Peter.....get on."
    Peter: "Son of a bitch. I, I am really sorry everybody."

  8. 28

    This chick has such a strange-shaped face...and yet: sex symbol. Awesome.

  9. 29

    Every now and then you just have to root for the bad guys...

  10. 30
  11. 31

    Velvet Von Black

    Voiced by Rosario Dawson, based on a comic by Rob Zombie...really, really dirty. Ya know, just so you know what you're getting into with this one.

  12. 32

    I'm gonna catch such hell for this....Look, I know she's a dog. I own 4 myself, and therefore have no problem seeing them as people. And if a dog COULD be sexy, well, it'd be Peg.

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