The Hottest Celebrity Mother/Daughter Pairings of All Time

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In honor of Mothers Day this weekend, here are the hottest celebrity mother/daughter pairings that have ever graced the earth. These hot mother daughter duos are the epitome of good genetics and really, what better mothers day gift could a kid give a parent than just being ridiculously good looking? There is no better gift for mom. And mankind. Promise.

From Goldie Hawn (MILF) and Kate Hudson to Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri, there is no shortage of sexy mother/daughter pairings in Hollywood. Some of these hot celebrity children have even improved on the looks of their sexy mother (thanks, dad) and become some of the hottest women in the world. Not to undersell the hot daughters, but plenty of the sexy moms (or hot mothers) are on that list too.

This list of celebrity kids and their hot moms is here for you to vote on, so throw an upvote to the sexiest mother daughter combos ever. If you don't see your favorite celeb kids on the list, it might just be that their good looks came from dad's side of the family. No offense to the potentially hot celeb moms, that's just the way it is. What is your favorite hot mother and daughter pairing in Hollywood? 

If you're curious to see what your favorite hot MILF looked like before she ranked among the sexy MILF nation of Hollywood, have a look at pictures of old celebrities when they were young and hot.

Take a look at these sexy mother daughter pics!
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