The Hottest Celebrity Bikini Bodies Of The 80s People
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The Hottest Celebrity Bikini Bodies Of The 80s

List Criteria: Supermodels and actresses from the 80s famous for wearing bikinis. Shots must be from 1980-1989.

Something happened in the 80s with the swimwear on actresses and supermodels.  The harnessing of this particular phenomenon made celebrities out of some of the women on this list, and helped pave the way for what the hottest bikini bodies of the 90s would be wearing. Brands such as Speedo and Body Glove began to take cues from Brazilian culture. Experiments with bright colored neon, animal prints, and nylon spandex became conventions that typified the decade. Moreover, the high rise bikini bottom grew into a massive fashion trend that introduced more women to the dreaded bikini wax. Compounding this new look was the evolving aesthetic being sold in magazines as more athletic and statuesque figures adorned their covers. Many man cave walls had posters hung on them featuring these ladies back in the day. Who were the women that pioneered this two-piece trend, and wore it the best back in the 1980s? Do you like 80s swimsuits? then you'll like this page a ton!

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