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The Internet is your fault is back with another weekly episode, covering the most viral videos of the week in a way only Puppet knows how. 

These are the most popular clips from the week of August 10th, which include Lady Gaga taking en epic digger outside of a Hollywood gay club and a drone going down in fantastic fashion.

Also, a clip from Bjorn surfaced from the late 80's describing to you how a television works. Because Bjork...
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The internet is your fault, and these clips are as to why. 

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Cat loses to lasor lizard

The Top 10 Untrue Medical Myths The Best Bars and Pubs in London

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Lady Gaga takes a digger

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Anchorman loses his cool over lame Kardashians

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The cutest (Taekwondo) kid ever

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Eagle takes out drone in fantastic fashion

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Popcorn freaks out cute kitty

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Three Pikachus Dance to Straight Outta Compton

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Kid Gets Stuffed in Locker

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Bjork explains to you how TVs work

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Macaque gets a make-over