The Modern Library's Reader's Favorite Nonfiction Books
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The Modern Library's Reader's Favorite Nonfiction

The Modern Library Reader's list of the 100 most loved nonfiction novels of all-time. Nonfiction is a fascinating genre to dive into. It's a great way to learn more about the world and read the experiences and observations that the writer has encountered. For the full article go to: Nonfiction is something I'm not too familiar with but am eager to explore.
  1. 26


    Arnold Wesker More
  2. 27

    Ordinarily Sacred

    Lynda Sexson More
  3. 28
  4. 29
    David Deitcher, William Olander More
  5. 30

    Dumbing Us Down

    Anne Glyn-Jones More
  6. 31
    James Frazer More
  7. 32
    Stephen Ambrose More
  8. 33
    No image

    A Modern Prophet

    Elbert Hubbard More
  9. 34

    The flute of God

    Paul Twitchell More
  10. 35
    No image

    Real presences

    George Steiner More
  11. 36
    Karen Blixen More
  12. 37

    Ways of Seeing

    Mike Fleming More
  13. 38
    Alan Charles Kors, Harvey A. Silverglate More
  14. 39

    Property Matters: How Property Rights Are Under Assault - And Why You Should Care

    James V. DeLong More
  15. 40
    Denise Giardina More
  16. 41

    The Texan

    Janice Kaiser More
  17. 42
    George Orwell More
  18. 43
    William James More
  19. 44
    No image

    How to Lie with Statistics

    Darrell Huff More
  20. 45

    But Is It True?

    Aaron Wildavsky More
  21. 46
    No image

    A Mathematician Reads The Newspaper

  22. 47
    No image

    The anatomy of criticism

    Henry Hazlitt More
  23. 48
    Henry Grady Weaver More
  24. 49
    Sue Nicholson, A.C. Morales More
  25. 50

    Men to match my mountains

    Irving Stone More

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