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The Most Morally Reprehensible Things We All Do in GTA Games

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We all do morally reprehensible things in the Grand Theft Auto series, but now with GTA V out in stores, it's time to take a look back at the classics, and what will be the new parts of the game that piss off moms and bored politicians everywhere.

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    Starting a 5 Star Police Chase Because You're Bored.

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    These people have families probably!

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    Killing Someone Over a Fight YOU Needlessly Started.

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    You push a dude or a chick, they get angry enough to fight you to the death. You win. Evil.

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    Driving On Sidewalks Right When There's Maximum Pedestrian Population

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    In real-life, this would make history. 

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    General Hooker Killing. They Have It Bad Enough.

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    They really do.

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    Killing a Hooker After Sex for Your Money Back. Added by: kitt85711

    It's like nothing ever happened except you're at full health now with change still in your pocket, but you wonder if you ever got some type of STD afterwards...

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    What Was Done to This NPC. (Awesome If You Can Pull It Off, Though)

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    Most brutal GTA death of all time.

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    Blowing Up Tons of Cars Because Traffic's in Your Way Added by: kitt85711

    Don't you hate it when traffic gets in your way during a mission? I sure do...

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    Really, Anything With a Rocket Launcher.

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    When have you ever thought, "Oh, a rocket launder would solve this reasonably"?

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    Spending Time Driving Anywhere That Takes More Than 15 Minutes. People Have Jobs.

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    Some people are outside doing stuff. And here you are fake-driving nowhere alone.

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    Finding the Tallest Point in the Game and Committing Ritual Suicide, Shooting Guns On the Way ...

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    Really the best way to go out, but how fun they make this is so wrong

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    Shooting or Hurting Service People. They Just Want to Sell Hot Dogs.

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    Imagine being murdered in cold blood to Warren Olny's voice.

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    Stealing Cars Near Your Girlfriend's Apartment or Stealing Her Car Outright

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    For all you know, you're stealing your girlfriend's car.

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    Shooting or Hurting a Glitched Character.

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    It's cruel. I saw Wreck-It Ralph :( 

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    GTA IV: Starting a Rampage in the Hospital or Computer Stores Added by: kitt85711

    Because it makes you feel important...

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    Your General Strip Club Demeanor

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    In real-life, regular GTA strip club acts would get you killed. This woefully under-prepares kids for strip clubs. Not only do you take a gun to a strip club, but you never even buy drinks

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    San Andreas: Making Your Character Morbidly Obese, Then Overeating

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    GTA V: Using the Pre-Order Blimp Just to Crash It Into Buildings

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    F**k a B**ch While Your Favorite Radio Station Is On Added by: kitt85711

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    Thelma and Louise'ing a Car Full of People

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    Self explanatory

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    Running Over Taxi Fares Added by: kitt85711

    That guy isn't getting to work any time soon...

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