The Most Annoying TV Shows on The Air (June 2012) TV Programs

The Most Annoying TV Shows on The Air (June 2012)

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List Criteria: TV shows, that are the air in the last 6 months from June 2012

this is a countdown of the worst shows you can find on the air in the united states.

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    Ok really how many CSI's do we need. i know that CSI Miami has been killed however it was just done because the network found that one too costly. however i can help but to think that CSI New York has nothing to defend it at least Miami has that cool was of starting a show (with the sunglasses trick). that dose the new york show have?
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    Tyler Perry's House of Payne
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    ok maybe its just me that don't see why Tyler perry is funny. he a nice guy from what i have heard but he no master of comedy and think of him as one of the most overrated entertainers around. this is just a basic sitcom that tbs is claiming as something way greater than it is.
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    what makes they two the masters of fashion? they don't wow me with there style. now i will give them that they do find people who look bad. however i just don't see them looking anything other than on par when these two get down this there next fashion victim.
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    Teen Wolf
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    hey kids! do you like the Twlight? mm yea. well then your going to love a whole show ripping off the werewolf in it.
    yea if anyone wanted to know how bad the whole tv shows cashing in on the twilight thing was going to get. this show is your answer this also proof that MTV is better at comedy and fictional drama. MTV honesty you can a show like good-times and the remade Bevies and Butthead but keep this steaming pile around. what is wrong with you people. to be honest i wish the movies that started this thing would take all there useless tv shows with them. take teen wolf, take tru blood, take the vampire diaries, take them all into the pit where they were meant to be.
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    it has been said that after Fun. and Gotye hit 1 in the usa charts that glee has become the MTV of the 20-teens. if that is true that would mean not only that you tube is useless for music and MTV can now be called what it has become. The graduate program of Nickelodeon. also it means that music is become something that can not be sold on its own. it has to be sold as a aide in a poorly written stories. even to add insult to injury this show covers all these songs. meaning that your way of selling music to have someone less sing them. wow that is just sad.
  6. 15
    yes i know there a lot of hot peaces of you know what running around on that show. however that dose not make it a good show. at best gossip girl should be seen in sexy still frames because the real show is just plan bad. its a snobby mellow-drama who only saving grace is its good looking cast and the hoards of young girls who eat this stuff up. i swear teens have the worst taste in tv.
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    The Vampire Diaries
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    well you know what happens when you have too many stores about one thing. you have bottom of the vampire barrel that is called vampire diaries. this make you beg to watch tru blood because at least that show has HBO's old selling point nudity. when you are trying to copy off of a show that is known for mostly vampire sex and a set of movies that are mostly known for a sexy werewolf fighting with a seductive vampire over a human girl. your are going to have issues doing anything close on network tv. this show might have worked if you were you tear it free of the fcc choke hold however that going to happen.
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    this the the worst of the cw. if you don't think that is a feat then you have not seen much of this network or your into a style of drama i never want to see. this is a show that at least play off of witches and not the more common ideas of creepy tv these days (like vampires, aliens or zombies). however i cant help but to think that many of the people who are really witches are ashamed of this show. however to be honest i feel sorry of what Hollywood dose to witchcraft. in some ways this show could have been a great show but leave it up to the cw to mess it all up.
  9. 12
    Piers Morgan Live
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    what on earth is he doing on cnn? this is the last man on earth you should have interviewing people. Mr. Morgan i honesty don't find likeable enough to tell anything too. so making the many to get info out of people is bit of a challenge. also i don't hear much about this show and im not shocked its nothing worth talking about for every long.
  10. 11

    The Pauly D. project

    yes jersey shore has such a pull on MTV that its making spin offs. i don't know who was watching that show and said
    hey, you know what that generic guy needs a show
    which one?
    the 3 dude on the left.
    Pauly thinks he has a cool enough life to make and show alone and i say that anyone watching this is a lot easier to entertain that than anyone should be. what next MTV the situation dangles at cat toy for 20 mins.
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    im not to sure what the joke is with this show and knowing what i have known of adult swim these days i don't think i want to know. somewhere there is a producer that works for time warren and this laughing about making so much money off of what has to the the cheapest comedy writers he could find. i would not be shocked if i found out that this show was written by a crazy homeless man who they pay with a place in the basement and some fast food.
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    Dr. Phil
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    do i even need to tell you why this show is on the list? look him up. there are people who have made every point that needed to be made about this man.
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    Whale Wars
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    south park put it best. there captain is a cry baby who has no real solution on how to stop whaling. he a lair and the tv show is not helping him or stopping whaling. this is a shame to anyone who is a real environmentalist and this show should be take off the air. that is all
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    The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell

    The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell
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    yes we come to other side of the coin. this open socialist should not be on the air and this is poor substitution for the countdown. this man is just angry and preachy. he dose nothing to show any thing of hope or lighting feeling to the world he just sits around yelling about how the right wing of America is killing the world. he so damm depressing that he makes me long to watch locked up. because even guys in jail are more helpful than Mr. O'Donnell. Hannity maybe an airhead but at least he not fearing to be human.
  15. 6
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    well its was hard for me to pick if Hannity or Lawrence O'Donnell on who was worst. what made me pick Hannity was brains. at least Mr. O'Donnell looks like he knows what on earth he is saying. Hannity looks like the biggest puppet the GOP has and this is the same group of people that gave you George W. Bush. people there are better right winger out there that do there homework. shoot Glenn Beck was better than this guy. i know of people who are big into talk radio that love people like Beck. many of those same people cant stand Hannity because he brings nothing new. he just a boring and generic. i swear i think it just reads texts from Mark Lavinie and the heritage foundation. give me the fat guys and leave this pretty boy to work with some mega church somewhere.
  16. 5
    Basketball Wives
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    oh good lord why oh why do they have to mess up a league like the NBA. by showing the worst gold-digger, backstabbing and emotionally ugly women to be connected to its players. the NBA has enough issues these days with out this dribble on the air (pardon the pun). i know vh1 has never been the cream of the crop of the basic cable world but really this is best you can do? why shamed pro sports in this fashion. the only thing this show has shown us is that Eva Longorina was wise to split from Tony Parker. so she could get far away from any of these so called women.
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    Judge Judy
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    you know how i was ragging on teens having bad tastes when it come to tv. well old people can have some bad picks themselves. case in point Judge Judy (pardon the pun). all it is a small clams court with a loud mouth judge. most of the time this the more boring part of the legal system and deal with cases that are small potatoes to the real crime in the area. however because of tv they felt there was a market of judge shows. Judge Judy being the worst this lady has nothing to do all day but nag at people with money issues. if there was ever a show that made me want tort reform this would be it.
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    Nancy Grace
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    if i went to hell and saw the face of the devil. i think that face will be Nancy Grace. this women has done nothing for America but makes the job healing the trauma made by crimes she showcases. HLN is a consent showcase of the worst of America. if this country was to ever have to deafened itself as a good nation the case ageist would not have to come for Iraq it would have to come from our total history. it could be made just from HLN and most of that would be from Nancy Grace. thanks Nancy you have single handle sucked the grace, dignity and hope out of the cities and towns of American more than any killer could ever do on there own.
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    Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
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    do you want to watch a show where great comedy goes to die? well here it is in all its stonier meets hipster horror. names like Maria Bamford David Cross Jonah Hill Weird Al" Yankovic Will Ferrell Rainn Wilson and Zach Galifianakis have all tried and failed to make this show funny and the only thing i think keeps it on the air is that its programed into a line up on adult swim that is geared to people who are tripping there junk off. yes American this kind of tv is what anti-dependents and bootlegged pain killers gets you America.
    side note: so far the only man i have seen take this concept of comedy and made if even moderately funny is John C. Reilly and they they gave him his own show. to be honest a better show with less resources.
  20. 1
    why people, why?! is this on the air. how did this get past 3 airing. I though Toddlers and Tiaras was bad but this. good lord this is bad. i hate to be the kids in Hollywood at lot of times is destructive to the children in it. however i would love to see many of they kids when they grow up and see how they feel about there "dance moms". I'm willing to bet many of them will have nothing to say to them.
    when will people learn that children should have time to be children. those year are few and they will never return.
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