The Most Boring Cities I've Been To All Places
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The Most Boring Cities I've Been To

I'll be honest, some of these places I haven't visited for quite a while. But regardless, they still stick out in my mind as desolate black holes through which once you enter, their gravitational pull immediately strips a person of any motivation or interest whatsoever.

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    Los Gatos California, USA Born and raised here. Never going back. Mansion upon mansion filled to the brim with white people who think God is great, money is even better, and Afro-American is a new retro hairstyle. You've been

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    Texas, USA

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    California, USA

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    California, USA Love the town, but HATE the people. There are so many white people, just being overly tan automatically places you into a minority group. Between the local rednecks and the yuppie students, no place

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    Alabama, USA

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    California, USA Cows and tractors. Didn't notice much else.

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