The Most Boring Cities I've Been To All Places

The Most Boring Cities I've Been To

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I'll be honest, some of these places I haven't visited for quite a while. But regardless, they still stick out in my mind as desolate black holes through which once you enter, their gravitational pull immediately strips a person of any motivation or interest whatsoever.
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    California, USA Born and raised here. Never going back. Mansion upon mansion filled to the brim with white people who think God is great, money is even better, and Afro-American is a new retro hairstyle. You've been

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    Texas, USA

  3. 3

    California, USA

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    California, USA Love the town, but HATE the people. There are so many white people, just being overly tan automatically places you into a minority group. Between the local rednecks and the yuppie students, no place

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    Alabama, USA

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    California, USA Cows and tractors. Didn't notice much else.

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