The Most Boring Sports to Play Anything
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The Most Boring Sports to Play

The most boring sports to play for one reason or another just do not entertain. These boring sports want to be exciting but come up short in terms of action. From golf to baseball to soccer, these sports are all quite popular but could put even the best insomniac to sleep. Forget the most boring sports to watch, these are the most boring sports to play.

Which sport is the most boring to play is often a matter of opinion but due to their slower nature of play, certain sports will come up much more than others. Golf is perhaps one of the most notorious for its speed as players hit a ball then walk several hundred yards and repeat. Baseball is similar. For more than half of each game a player is seated comfortably on the bench watching others play. If exciting sports were judged on the amount of time participants walked or sat, these two would win that battle easily.

Other sports are boring simply because they are monotonous. Running, rowing and cycling all fall into that category. Sure participants in these sports travel along courses and tracks but the overall motion of the sport is repeated over and over.

Even recreational sports can be insanely boring. Take hunting and fishing for example. Those who hunt and fish must have a ridiculous amount of patience since the sport involves sitting around for hours waiting for an animal or fish to come along.

Whether these sports take forever before there is some action, involve a lot of sitting or walking, or simply feature one monotonous motion repeated over and over, each defines a new level of boring. Which sport do you find the most boring to play? Think a sport is much more exciting than we do? Tell us which sports you think are the most boring to play by voting and adding your own sports below!

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