The Most Egregious Male Gold Diggers People
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The Most Egregious Male Gold Diggers

Since Kanye West's 2005 hit "Gold Digger" resurrected the mildly offensive term and brought it to the forefront of pop culture jargon in the most creative way since The Gold Diggers of 1933, women have gotten an increasingly worse reputation as child-support chasers with baby daddies all over town. But let's get real: Both sexes have the capability to marry for the money. Whether there were prenups or media deals, true Cupid-striking love or a simple, fledgling friendship, there are a slew of egregious male gold diggers out there worthy of a mention in Kanye's rap.

Ranging from socialites to aspiring realty TV stars to the just plain bizarre, these men show that, depending on your integrity (or lack thereof), the baby daddy-divorce-media drama is worth it — at least, monetarily.

Who are famous gold diggers? This list will answer your question.

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    When it comes to gold digging, German socialite Frederic Prinz von Anhalt is pretty honest about it. Prinz von Anhalt, a man from somewhat humbled beginnings, started gold digging with an adult adoption by Princess Marie-August of Anhalt, which made him royalty by surname alone (the rest of Germany refuses to acknowledge his royal lineage).

     Prinz von Anhalt admitted to marrying actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, who is 26 years his senior, not for love but for friendship — a friendship that has allowed shameless extramarital affairs, including an alleged one with Anna Nicole Smith. As Prinz von Anhalt continues his idiosyncratic antics of running for Governor of California, glueing his eyes shut with nail glue and stripping to his birthday suit in Rolls Royces parked on L.A. streets, Gabor's daughter fights for a return of her aging mother's dignity and sanity destroyed by a man more concerned with how he can gain attention from Gabor's failing health.

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