The Most Frustrating Elements of Call of Duty Anything

The Most Frustrating Elements of Call of Duty

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When playing any of the Modern Warfare's, Black Ops or World at War multiplayer matches, these are the top things that make my blood boil when I'm in the thick of it

List Criteria: All things that make you want to just shut it down and take a break

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    C' is ridiculous how many players are using cheats like ultra rapid fire, radar glitches, aiming assisting cheats etc etc and the worst part is that when it happens and you KNOW its the real deal....there is nothing you can do and these players are multiplying. Whatever happened to a little bit of time put into a skill? I'll take campers and trolls over these guys any day.

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    Those players that hunt you from your spawn far from where they should be and shooting you in the back while cowering in a dark corner as you run by to make up killstreaks

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    Immovable Objects

    Those pipes and boxes and wall partitions and cars that get in your way in a shoot out when you are trying to duck fire and end up leaving you in the open to get chewed up. Sometimes they are players blocking a doorway.....morons.

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    This is not so much an internal game element as it is an external issue but frustrating all the same. You know when you come around a corner and you face to face with a dude and in a split second you stick your knife in him or when you are being shot at and you can spin around with a sniper rifle and put one in his brain? Well, when you have like 2 bars....none of that stuff sticks and your game goes to pot as well as your K/Ds

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    This is a noticeable first option but I don't mind them so much when I know they are being static and I can take them out but the smart ones move around after 1 or 2 kills and tougher to kill. I admire their creativity but noone likes a camper.

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