The Most Important Leaders in World History Politicians
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The Most Important Leaders in World History

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    #2 on the original list 100 Created the basis for the Roman Empire (though was never emperor himself). Which lasted until ...

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    1870 Largely responsible for the spread of communism in the 20th century.

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    Isabella of Castille I and Ferdinand II of Aragon Their dual leadership of todays Spain formed the basis of a Major power which would colonize ...

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    #88 on the original list 1735 Drev den Amerikanske revolution som politiker i den kontinentale kongress. (Om end jeg selv ...

  5. 5

    #17 on the original list 1889 United Germany under the banners National Socialism, he was a skillfull and talented leader.

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    #1 on the original list Alexander The Great Beside creating a huge Empire from tiny Macedonia, he also founded Alexandria and founded the ...

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    Genghis Khan He famously concoured much of the world, but didn't build or create much which lasted. Though ...

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    #3 on the original list 1769 An excellent military campaigner, took France away from a democratic path and was decidedly ...

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    #8 on the original list 742 For invading and conquering France, Germany, Italy (some) and Spain (some), as well being ...

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    #119 on the original list Emperor Meiji


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