The 10 Most Infamous Cursed Movies of All Time

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A list of troubled or "cursed" movies, looking at deaths, illnesses and mysteries surrounding some of the most infamous film productions of all time. A variety of films have been released that are thought to carry with them a "curse," due to the troubles faced by the cast and crew either during or immediately following the film's production. These incidents range from the tragic (as in the accident that cost "Superman" star Christopher Reeve the use of his legs) to the simply unfortunate (such as "Tower Heist" director Brett Ratner's use of a homophobic slur costing him a gig as Oscar producer.)

What are some of the most well known movie curses? Regardless of whether you believe these creepy stories about cursed films truly represent something supernatural - or if they are simply regrettable coincidences - nevertheless the existence of so many such productions is uncanny and fascinating.
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