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The Most Influential Electronic Music Pioneers

Making a list of the most influential electronic music pioneers may seem like a breeze, but it isn't. The choices are virtually endless, spanning decades off electronic music. These are just some of the best of the best, so to speak. In each case, the artist or artists directly affected the future of electronic music, offering fans a totally unique perspective on the genre. Read on to find out about some of the most influential musicians in electronic music, and be sure to vote on your electronica favorites!

Who are some of the most influential electronic music pioneers? There are plenty to choose from, and a bunch got their start in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Groups like Kraftwerk, New Order to name a few are considered some of the greatest electronic music bands of all time.

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    Bronx DJ Afrika Bambaataa (Kevin Donovan) is arguably among the best in his field. Some consider him the father of electro funk and there's no question that his tunes helped to give birth to hip hop. In the early 80s, Bambaata combined unique sounds from German-influenced electronica with his own innovative style, giving birth to electro funk. Not sold? Check out the song 'Planet Rock.' Any doubt about his influence? No. His influence can be heard in the music of everyone from Leftfield to Rage Against the Machine.

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    The electronic musician Aphex Twin (aka Richard David James), is a tremendously successful contemporary electronic musician. Influences from Kraftwerk to Tangerine Dream can easily be heard in the music, which runs the gamut from ambient techno to trance and, of course, electronica.

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    Oh, The Art of Noise, how we love thee. This British group drew from a variety of different sounds (everything from hip hop to jazz) to create unique, quirky songs with catchy, driving beats.

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    No list of influential electronic music pioneers would be complete without the great Brian Eno and his brilliant ambient music. Eno's solo work (after Roxy Music) is considered by many to be a positively dazzling example of ambient music. Eno's influences run deep - Aphex Twin comes to mind immediately.

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