The Most Inspiring Celebrity Speeches on Gay Teen Suicide Anything
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The Most Inspiring Celebrity Speeches on Gay Teen Suicide

Due to the alarming amount of gay teen suicides due to gay bullying in the past few weeks, many celebrities have come out against gay teen bullying and have come forth with inspiring stories or great talking points about gay bullying and the gay teen suicides in general. Here's a regularly-updated list (that will be updated the second any new, inspiring celebrity videos pop up) that can show you the story of what's going on, who truly cares about this cause and the hotlines and channels where people can find help. Please spread this around or at least tell people that this is going on.
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    Joel Burns "There's so, so, so much more"

    Joel Burns tells the most personal story yet on the most public forum, in front of an entire city council.

    It's 12 minutes long, but beautiful and 100% worth it.

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