The Most Inspiring Celebrity Speeches on Gay Teen Suicide

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Due to the alarming amount of gay teen suicides due to gay bullying in the past few weeks, many celebrities have come out against gay teen bullying and have come forth with inspiring stories or great talking points about gay bullying and the gay teen suicides in general. Here's a regularly-updated list (that will be updated the second any new, inspiring celebrity videos pop up) that can show you the story of what's going on, who truly cares about this cause and the hotlines and channels where people can find help. Please spread this around or at least tell people that this is going on.
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    Joel Burns "There's so, so, so much more"

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    Joel Burns tells the most personal story yet on the most public forum, in front of an entire city council.

    It's 12 minutes long, but beautiful and 100% worth it.
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    Tim Gunn "I Attempted to Kill Myself"

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    Possibly the most powerful message a gay celebrity has delivered thus far (this list will be updated and added to forever as new videos are made, so feel free to bookmark this list), Tim Gunn delivers a very important message to gay teens who are contemplating suicide.

    That message is that he was once exactly where they are.

    Tim Gunn's very public admission that he not only went through a lot of the depression that gay teens are going through right now, but that it was in a different time and that he actually did try to kill himself really should hit home. A lot of these videos are people who everyone is familiar with giving head-clearing, level-headed advice.

    This comes from a man who not only went through what gay teens are going through right now, but probably with the same amount, if not more, bullying and he actually went for the worst case scenario.

    He regrets doing it wholeheartedly and knows that when he did that he was wrong. A truly heartfelt and emotional response from an extremely popular gay celebrity.302850,-591238480,"","A long, long time ago, a physician named Tissot came to the conclusion that to ejaculate meant that a man would lose "vital fluids" central to his well-being. Every e*********n would lead to a consistent loss and therefore a decrease his energy and his ability to be active in life. Intercourse didn’t count because a woman made up for the "vital fluids" loss by receiving it and giving back energy.

    These ideas were picked up by a prominent American thinker who among his accomplishments, wrote a book called "A Lecture to Young Men on Chastity" in 1837. His influence was large and he was able to impose his beliefs on many Americans.

    A health food nut, he preached sermons about the dangers of masturbation and soon invented a cracker to help ward off those dangers. If you ate your cracker in the morning, the blandness of the cracker was supposed to lower your lust all day so that you would not have "vital fluid" expensing urges.

    That man’s name was Sylvester Graham and his cracker, the Graham cracker, is an anti-masturbation practice many of use still use today.
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    Various Celebrities "It Gets Better"

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    Anne Hathaway, Jenny McCarthy, Ian Somerhalder, Greg Grunberg, Michael Chiklis, Julie Benz Erika Jayne, Ashley Roberts, Shay Michell, Kristin Cavallari, Katherina Graham, Candice Accola and Rex Lee (who plays Lloyd on Entourage) got together to make a compilation video telling people that no matter what happens, it gets better.

    It's absolutely amazing to see a collection of celebrities rallying for such a great cause. From pin-ups, to Oscar-nominated actresses, to action stars, to reality TV tabloid starlets, they all advocate finding help at the Trevor Project, a free, 24-hour, national hotline for LGBT people contemplating suicide.

    Here's the info:

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    Ellen Degeneres "This Needs to Be a Wake-Up Call"

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    The day that the 4th gay teen suicide surfaced (Tyler Clementi) Ellen Degeneres sat at her chair, where she usually dances or interviews the newest, most fun celebrities and figures from the LGBT community, and made an earnest, serious comment.

    "This needs to be a wake up call to everyone that teenage bullying and teasing is an epidemic in this country and the epidemic is climbing. One life lost in this senseless way is tragic, four lives lost is a crisis."

    This is another amazing call to action that is thankfully being rallied thanks to Dan Savage's Trevor Project.
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    Sarah Silverman "They Learned it From Watching You"

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    Sarah Silverman, usually trying to be funny in some way and often leaving her punchlines until the end of her statements had nothing snarky to say (beyond the quote from the drug commercial from the 80s where the child says "I learned it from watching you.")

    Sarah says:

    "Dear America, when you tell gay Americans that they can't serve their country openly or marry the person that they love, you're telling that to kids too. So don't be f**king shocked and wonder where all these bullies are coming from that are torturing young kids and driving them to kill themselves because they're different.

    They learned it from watching you."

    While this may not be exactly "inspirational", it is something that is not really thought about enough and definitely not said often enough for it to hit home. It's an eye-opening statement that needs to be spread and repeated..
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    Daniel "Harry Potter" Radcliffe Supporting Trevor Project

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    Being the foremost celebrity at the Trevor Project at the moment, while being interviewed by the Associated Press, Daniel Radcliff came out against gay bullying and made it a point to say, like a lot of the videos on this list, that he is for the Trevor Foundation.

    He says that he grew up with his parents being actors and that he was exposed to a lot of gay people. It wasn't even an issue for him and until he was told people made a distinction between gay men and men who are not gay, it never even occurred to him that it mattered.

    "It's important to have someone from a a big, commercial series like Harry Potter... the fact that I'm straight makes not a difference, but it shows that straight people are incredibly interested and care a lot about this as well. And you don't have to be gay to take an interest."

    Well said, Harry. Well said. Here's more information on the Trevor Project, a free, national hotline for people in the LGBT community contemplating suicide.

    Here's the info:

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    Dan Savage "It Gets Better YouTube Channel"

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    Dan Savage and his husband Terry tell the story of how they met. The funny story about the cheesy pick-up lines they fed each other and how Dan Savage's strictly religious, conservative family was accepting of him in the end.

    "If you choose to end your life, the bullies have really won then and you have deprived yourself of so much potential happiness."

    "If my adult self could talk to my 14-year-old self and tell him anything. I'd tell him to really believe the lyrics for "Somwhere" from West Side Story. There really is a place for us. There really is a place for you and one day you will have friends who love and support you, you will find love, you will find a community and that life gets better. The biggots don't win."

    "You can have a great life too."

    Dan Savages "It Gets Better" YouTube Channel features some of the videos on this list and a LOT more videos from every day people in and out of the LGBT community giving words of encouragement to the suicidal LGBT people of the world.
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    Kathy Griffin "This Is Trickle Down Homophobia"

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    Kathy Griffin eloquently states, along with everything that has already been said by celebrities on this list, that these gay bullies aren't born that way. It's learned, it is taught.

    While anti-gay activists and politicians have adhered to Reagan's "trickle down economics", Kathy states that they are also practicing "trickle down homophobia" by passing their biggotry along. She states that we need to stop it and that it is not something that should continue to be taught.
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