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The Most Memorable Ranker Lists

Ranker is my favorite website in the world, and since you can rank anything that you want, I figured I would rank the most memorable Ranker lists in my opinion. Now I didn't put all of my favorites on this list, but these are the ones that popped into my head while making the list. I left the list open just in case you think I forgot or didn't add a list.
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  1. 1
    Up 9
    Down 1

    The 10 Strangest, Most Terrifying Creatures Ever Found- By:Ivana Wynn

  2. 2
    Up 6
    Down 0

    13 Songs That Don't Mean What You Think They Do- By:Molly Mahan

  3. 3
    Up 7
    Down 1

    The 13 Sexiest Psycho Girlfriends in Internet History- By:John Barryman

  4. 4
    Up 7
    Down 1

    The 25 Hottest Pictures of Naked Gamer Girls Wearing Games- By:Greg

  5. 5
    Up 7
    Down 1

    The 13 Greatest Geraldo Rivera FAILs- By:Keaton

  6. 6
    Up 4
    Down 0

    13 Simpsons Jokes That Actually Came True- By:Robert Wabash

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