The 30 Most Nostalgia-Inducing 90s School Supplies Anything

The 30 Most Nostalgia-Inducing 90s School Supplies

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In the '90s, at around mid-July, every jerkwad of a Target, KMart, Sears, Walmart, Office Depot and the like would start advertising their "Back to School" stuff right in the middle of summer as a horrible omen of what was to come: the next school year. The only consolation was that the '90s was a decade of loud colors, appealing to kids by making everything into toys and one where we started using technology in school more than ever. If you didn't have to coolest school supplies, you weren't ostracized, but you definitely didn't get to be a part of the bragging crowd. You'd sit there with your sharpened #2 pencils, off-brand crayons and boring pencil bag, wishing your parents had brought you to cooler stores. The following is a list of all the cool stuff we either wish we had or remember having in school. We would all lose everything by about the third week, but those first three weeks of awesome stationary were really, really awesome.

The best '90s school supplies were the ones that they had commercials for on TV trying to convince us that normal pens were for old people. These are the greatest, most nostalgia-inducing '90s pencils, '90s stationary and nostalgic '90s school supplies, ranked in order of awesomeness by you, the voter... or dare I say... the ranker.

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    Multi-Colored Push-Up Pens

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    Mr. Sketch Scented Pens

    This was a product invented well before the 90s (in the 70s, I believe), but every generation since has used them and loved them. They have yet to be outdone by any competition and it's because they're relatively timeless.

    I wish my apartment always smelled like the Red ones.

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    Scratch N Sniff Stickers

    This made doing those minutes of coloring homework worth it.

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    Mead's Five Star Notebooks

    I felt like I could use these things to shield myself from a machine gun attack.

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    These Pens

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