The Most Outrageous Emmy Snubs of All Time TV Programs
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The Most Outrageous Emmy Snubs of All Time

Think you know it all when it comes to the Emmy Awards? You may be surprised to learn that a number of favorite TV shows, actors and actresses who seemed deserving never won - and in some case, were never even nominated - for awards by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Yes, from long-running hit shows like "Married...With Children" (never even NOMINATED for an Outsanding Comedy Series Emmy!) and "The Wire" to veteran actors like Michael Landon, Jim Nabors and, most recently, Nick Offerman, many have been denied even an Emmy nomination, much less a win. Read on and be amazed at some of the biggest, most heinous Emmy nomination snubs ever.

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    Tyra Banks' "America's Next Top Model" has been on the air, pitting young, hopeful models against one another, for sixteen "cycles" now - since 2006, to be exact. Yet somehow, it's continually overlooked by the Academy in the Outstanding Reality Competition Program category? How? We realize, of course, that perennial favorites "The Amazing Race" (which has won the prize every year since its inception, save one) and "American Idol" will claim at least two of the nomination spots each year. But how can "ANTM" keep being ignored? That is so not fierce.

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    Andy Griffith

    "The Andy Griffith Show" was nominated for Best Comedy Series, and co-star Don Knotts was repeatedly up for Outstanding Comedy Actor (with a total of 5 career nominations for the role of Deputy Barney Fife). But Andy himself was never nominated for an Emmy for his role. PLUS, as long as we're complaining about this particular show, Ron Howard ALSO never got a nomination for his TV acting, for either "Andy Griffith" or "Happy Days"!

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    Cult favorite "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" was never once nominated for a Best Dramatic Series Emmy award. The show was nominated frequently for technical achievements - including Outstanding Makeup, Visual Effects and Music Composition - and series creator Joss Whedon got a nomination in 2000 for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series. Still, it seems a crime that the show - and its ensemble cast of talented actors, including Sarah Michelle Gellar - never got recognized.

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    Chloe Sevigny

    Despite winning the 2010 Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for HBO's "Big Love," Chloe Sevigny has never been nominated for an Emmy for her portrayal of Wife Number Ywo, Nikki, on the series. Five seasons of phenomenal performances - and not one single Emmy nomination? Big snub for "Big Love."

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    Courteney Cox

    Let's discuss Courteney Cox, shall we? The star of "Cougar Town" and "Friends" has been completely overlooked by the Emmys. In fact, of the entire main "Friends" cast, she's the only one without a single Emmy nomination. (Her former co-star Matt LeBlanc - the guy who did that monkey baseball movie after the show was over - got a nod this year for his Showtime series "Episodes.") Over ten seasons, more than 60 Emmy nominations - and not one for Cox? Monica is a sore loser - maybe they were scared she'd flip out if she lost?

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    David Morrissey - The Walking Dead Added by: Owen_Paul_Sloane

    In 2014, Primetime Emmy Nominations granted the Walking Dead 0 nominations in the major categories, and only two in the technical categories. Andrew Lincoln, Norman Readus, David Morrissey and Lennie James deserved nominations.

    The nominations it did receive were Outstanding Sound Editing For a Series for the episode "Too Far Gone" and Outstanding Special and Visual Effects in a Supporting Role for "30 Days Without an Accident."

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