The Most Overused Ideas on Tv (fall 2012 Edition) Anything
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The Most Overused Ideas on Tv (fall 2012 Edition)

  1. 1

    shows about junk

    pawn stars, cajin pawn stars, american pickers, storage wars, antices roadhouse
  2. 2

    investgater shows

    ncis, law and order, csi, x files, fringe
  3. 3

    high school melodrama

    gopic girl, glee, about half of mtv and the cw
  4. 4

    the debate doungon news shows

    hardball, Anderson copper 360, Handy, o'raily factor, last word
  5. 5

    geek pandering shows

    most of g4, most of spike orngal shows, any show about video games, most internet clip shows ... more
  6. 6

    grude with out much or any plot

    family guy (lately), briklebery, tosh.0, lader squde, south park (at times), a lot of adult ... more
  7. 7

    anything new jersey

    the jercey shore, jerseylouse, real housewives of new jersey
  8. 8

    the odd couple redux

    2 Broke Girls, King of Queens, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, the B in apt 23, Still ... more
  9. 9

    redneck sitcoms and realty shows

    Rosanne, my name is earl, the Cleveland show (in part), here comes, most of cmt,
  10. 10

    the gehto/ poor targeted shows

    Taylor Peary's house of Paine, most of bet, Maury, Jerry springer, most judge shows.
  11. 11

    the life of a ____ person reallty tv shows

    most of tlc, all the real housewives shows, basketball wives, mod wives, intervention, most of ... more
  12. 12

    the blowhard news show

    rachell madow, glenn beck, orlay fator, ed shouls, hanndy
  13. 13

    the 30 something girl who wants love

    new girl, 30 Rock (in part), The Mindy Project, ally mcbeal,
  14. 14

    the hunting people or repoed stuff shows

    repo games, dog the bonty hunter, cops, parking wars
  15. 15

    shows about Italian American gangsters

    The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Vegas, The Mob Doctor, the Mob Wives (in part)
  16. 16

    desaster shows/ after our socaty brakes down shows

    revoluton, the walking dead, terra nova,
  17. 17

    stoner shows

    most of adult swim

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