The Most Sexist Political Outbursts of All Time

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The most sexist outbursts from politicians degrade based on gender, limit equal rights and offend both sexes as they spew out of the mouths of politicians around the globe. Call it a war on women or plain old sexism, these sexist quotes and comments are reminiscent of days when women were seen as subordinates. Sadly, the opinions may be of olden times but the sexist politician comments are recent.

Ahead of the 2012 United States Presidential Election, the "war on women" was a prominent topic with the Republican and Democratic parties trading jabs against one another and on the fairer sex at campaign rallies and in televised interviews. Women raged when Rick Santorum declared women too emotional to serve in combat, an opinion also shared by fellow GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich nearly two decades earlier.

But it's not always the words that say the most, it's also the actions of politicians that stuck out like a sore thumb. Women cried foul when state officials passed bills to limit their rights, such as in Wisconsin when a provision regarding equal pay for women was repealed or in Virginia when lawmakers sought to require an invasive ultrasound prior to an abortion.

Despite being the 21st century, this sexist thinking is still encountered and it's not limited to the states. United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron was criticized for telling a woman to "calm down, dear" while Tasmanian Liberal Senator David Bushby had the nerve to meow at a well respected female colleague.

Call it old-fashioned values or simple ignorance, but unfortunately sexism is still alive and well today and these sexist political comments prove just that.
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