The Most Shameless Video Game Console Knockoffs

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Knockoffs, fake consoles, bootlegs and ripoffs are so common these days that it is hard to tell the real from the false sometimes -- especially at flea markets. You can't blame someone who gets a Sorny or Lois Vataughn. However there are just some knockoffs that are unforgivably bad and just downright shameless. Sure, some of these fake video game consoles may look like the product they are trying to copy if you squint your eyes or take a few mind altering drugs, but barring that there should be no way for you to confuse them with the real thing.

Mostly made in the great nation of China, these console knockoffs can be found anywhere, from your local Chinatown to the freeway offramp. You can even find them just by perusing your local Big Lots or CVS. Too lazy to go out and look for one? Console rip offs can be readily purchased from online retailers like eBay too.

This holiday season, if your loved one is wanting a Nintendo 3DS but you don't want to shell out the money, just try finding a Neo Double Games or POP Station at your local bodega. Believe me, they will never know the difference. At least not until they unwrap it.

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