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The Most Ticketed Cars

A list of the most ticketed cars, with photos. Come on, admit it, we have all done it before and most of us will likely do it again. The most ticketed cars that break speed limits are not some sort of anomaly they simply speed more than the rest of us. Regardless of what kind of cars people who speed like to drive there seems to be a solid correlation between the type of car someone drives and how many speeding tickets they get. Some people believe that driving a sports car means you qualify as a "most ticketed car" and will get more speeding tickets simply because you become a prime target for police. Other people drive their minivans like madmen and boast a glove box full of speeding tickets even though they really should not. Whether or not you should get a speeding ticket is a matter for the courts but if you are interested in what cars get the most tickets this list is where you want to be. From the fast to the slow. Big to small, there seems to be no common denominator between these most ticketed cars.

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  1. 1
    Average Age: 53
    Male: 41%

    So, this is the car our parents get ticketed in, or more specifically... our moms. Nice work, Mom. And nice car!
  2. 2
    Average Age: 50
    Male: 39%

    As a sporty, 2-door version of the Toyota Camry, I'm guessing that this is the car for all the mom's who couldn't afford the much more pricey Mercedes Benz SL. Even more interesting... it seems that the most ticketed people out there, aren't men, or even teenagers, but middle aged women.
  3. 3
    Average Age: 30
    Male: 39%

    Finally, at number 3 we find the younger crowd, but once again it's the girls taking home the speeding tickets. Ladies, what is going on? And what is it going to take from a car for a guy to get more speeding tickets than his sisters?
  4. 4
    Average Age: 46
    Male: 73%

    Apparently it's going to take a grown man's Tonka Truck for a man to get into trouble (boys will be boys). Forget performance, forget speed, apparently what a guy really needs in order to get noticed by the police is size. (Insert "size matters" joke here.)
  5. 5
    Average Age: 46
    Male: 73%

    The H3 and H2 were actually clumped together on this list, but I separated them out so we could have more delicious car porn. Being smaller than the H2, we'd have to conclude that while size does matter, it's the "Tonka Truck" mentality that's key.
  6. 6
    Average Age: 37
    Male: 40%

    Three things struck me as "weird" about this entry. First.. it's a Scion xB. Who speeds in these? One would assume young drivers who like to customize them, but nope, average age 37. And second, 37?! You're 37 and drive a Scion xB. Why?! And finally, Ladies, why are you 37 and speeding around Scion xB's?

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