The NBA's 10 Most Overpaid Players in 2010-2011 Basketball Players
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The NBA's 10 Most Overpaid Players in 2010-2011

According to NBA team payrolls, each club spends about $1.7 million per win. Economist David Berri, author of the book Stumbling on Wins, who looks inside the stats to find the number of wins NBA players produce for their teams. In addition to points, rebounds and assists, Berri's formula matches player stats like points, rebounds, blocked shots, turnovers and field goal percentage against each player's overall team stats to calculate efficiency (more offensive possessions result in more chances to score, etc). A comparison of wins produced to salary sheds light on how much NBA players produce for the buck. The numbers show that for the 2009-10 season, these 10 players got the most for contributing the least. Players that missed significant time with injuries are excluded.

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    Salary: Six-year $111 million contract with the Wizards.
    I feel as though the only time I ever hear about Gilbert anymore is with the words gun or injury attached to his name. Don't get me wrong he is a great basketball player, but his injuries and gun charges take away from his potential. The man is overpaid.

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