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The Odd Life of Timothy Green Movie Quotes

"The Odd Live of Timothy Green" movie quotes tell a quite miraculous tale of a couple who soon find themselves the parents of a very special boy. The Disney fantasy drama stars Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton, plus CJ Adams, as Timothy.

After hearing that they're unable to conceive a child of their own, Jim (Edgerton) and Cindy (Garner) fantasize about all the qualities their perfect child would have. They write all of these attributes down, put them in a wooden box and bury it a hole in their backyard garden. After rain storm comes though, they suddenly find that hole empty and this muddy little boy in their home. What follows doesn't just shock Jim and Cindy but intrigues and inspires everyone in their small town of Stanleyville. See Timothy isn't just a miraculous 10-year-old child who presumably grew in one couple's garden, he's a very special boy who impacts everyone he comes in contact with.

Directed by Peter Hedges (writer of "What's Eating Gilbert Grape"), "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" also features the likes of Ron Livingston ("Office Space"), Rosemarie DeWitt ("United States of Tara") and Common ("Smokin' Aces").

"The Odd Life of Timothy Green" is just one of several theatrical films released by Walt Disney Pictures recently. "Brave," "The Avengers," "John Carter" and "The Muppets" are other recent notable titles from the film studio.

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    Have a Great Day

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    Jim: "Have a great day!"
    Cindy: "That's too much pressure."
    Jim: "Have the day you have."

    Hovering closely over her new son, Cindy doesn't want Timothy to be too pressured as she and husband Jim drop him off at school. Accordingly, we have a moment of levity as Jim wishes him the day he has, rather than a great day.

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