The Official 2012 Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game Anything

The Official 2012 Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game

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At long last, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan will be in the same place at the same time to entertain you while you drink alcohol. Because this is America. And the 2012 Vide Presidential Debates are always a fun time for the whole family. The second-in-command hopefuls talk pretty, ignore facts, and see who can tell the biggest, most blatant lies to back up their running mates so they can be president if that guy dies. So much to love! And so many reasons to drink.

To play along with the 2012 election edition of the Presidential Debates Drinking Game, take a sip each time a candidate says or does one of the predictable things below.

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  1. 1

    Paul Ryan Says There's Not Enough Time For Something

    Sure, he's a "numbers guy", but he has repeatedly been asked about the details of Romney's financial plans only to dodge the questions by saying that it would take too long to answer these. If he actually says those words or a phrase like them, then drink.
  2. 2

    Biden Messes Up Obama's Name or Title Somehow

    "Barry, I mean uh, Barack"

    "Bara-uh, the uh, Mr. Obama"

    "Mr. Obam-uh, the uh, The President"
  3. 3

    Paul Ryan Makes His Kermit the Frog Face

    You know you see it. If he does this, take a drink and yell "yay" ("yay" = optional).
  4. 4

    Either Candidate Casually Name Drops Hanging Out with their Running Mate

    "I was having lunch with Mr. Romney at an alcohol-free, caffeine-less restaurant the other day and..."
  5. 5

    This Moment Will Be a Meme Tomorrow

    Get your Photoshop toolbars ready. If someone makes a wonderful face, repeats something over and over again, or makes a small part of television / Internet history during this debate, then take a drink.

    In the last debate, of course, it was Romney stating he wanted to fire Big Bird.
  6. 6

    Biden Accidentally Makes a Sexual Innuendo

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    The Bidens have a tendency to get a little down-to-earth, which is really great while campaigning, but may come off as crass on the national stage.
  7. 7

    Paul Ryan Flexes Under His Suit

    You'll be able to tell. Just watch his neck. P90X or bust.

    Bonus: This can be combined with Ryan making his Kermit the Frog face for two drinks!
  8. 8

    Either Candidate Cracks a Joke

    ...(even better) or tries to and fails. This can be combined with Awkward Mitt Moment and Obama Tries to Sound Cool.

    Bonus: If the audience actually Ls OL, then take another drink.
  9. 9

    A Candidiate Mentions a Former Vice President

    Cheney, Gore, Truman, Mondale... Quayle.
  10. 10

    Actually Inspiring Rhetoric

    If a candidate says something you truly believe in (and think he will actually stand behind if elected), then you must take a drink.

    Bonus: If this restores your faith in American politics, take a drink and 'cheers' the nearest American flag.
  11. 11

    Ryan Backs Up an Inaccurate Fact Romney Stated in the 1st Debate

    Even though the fact-checkers went to town on Romney for lying through his teeth pretty much the entire time during the last debate, if Ryan reinforces one of those alleged lies, then drink.
  12. 12

    A Candidate Forgets Something

    Like important statistics or the question that was just asked.
  13. 13


    Get that guy some ointment.

    If a candidate turns a mean phrase or clearly owns their opponent verbally, then drink. You'll know when this happens.
  14. 14

    Ryan Tries to Make Romney Seem Human

    Random anecdote about "Mitt" doing something kind, generous or intelligent.
  15. 15

    Euphemism for a Controversial Topic

    You know, so nobody thinks too much about icky things like abortion or gay rights.
  16. 16

    Biden Fixes His Hair

    His weirdly long, receding, yet full head of hair.
  17. 17

    Either Candidate Reinforces a Campaign Slogan

    Because Vice Presidential candidates are just watered down versions of their running mates, a lot of times they fall back on what they know they won't get in trouble for.
  18. 18

    Either Candidate Lets Out a Huge Gaffe

    With these two Gaffe machines, there should be at least one campaign damning moment in this debate.
  19. 19

    A Seemingly Irrelevant Anecdote That Takes Up Valuable Time

    "I recently met a disabled 1st generation immigrant doctor who was the first in her family to go to college and now owns her very own small business..." and the like.
  20. 20

    A Candidate Answer a Different Question Than Was Asked

    "Good question, Martha, but first I think it's necessary to talk about ____"

    It's hard to answer very specific questions with pre-rehearsed, carefully prepared answers.

    Drink if either candidate does this.
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