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The Ranker Widget - Frequently Asked Questions

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Almost every list on Ranker is portable. It's true! You can essentially plug a live version of any Ranker list (that has the embed button in the sidebar) onto your site or blog. And your list (or any embeddable list) is totally customizable to whatever kind of site (tumblr, wordpress, blogger, etc) you have. Your site visitors can even vote on the list, and the order will update live. It's a living mirror of your (or any) Ranker list.

Find a list you like or make your own, then click the Embed button and customize that list. Grab the code, paste it onto your blog, and voila! Instant engagment with your audience. Give it a try!
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    Which Lists Can I Embed?

    1. Any list you create on Ranker, as long as it is displayed in list-format (and not blog or slideshow format). Once you have built it, ordered it, added voting (if you want) and published it, you will be able to embed this list to any website. 

    2. Any of the thousands of lists that are already published on Ranker. If you decide to use a pre-existing list, you will have the option to customize it before you publish it on your website. 

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    Where do I find this embed button?

    You can find the embed list button right below the last item on any list. 

    Some lists on Ranker will not have this button - they just aren't the kind of lists that are right for a widget. A blog style list, for example, will not have an embed link.

    You can also find it in the "more options" dropdown, which is found on all lists in the set of buttons in the list header.

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    Should I Use HTML5 or iFrame for My Widget?

    Most people should choose HTML5. This type of code is standard for many newer platforms and will give you more options for customization, including the ability to:

    - Customize the width and height 
    - Include a list image and list criteria on the widget
    - Allow users to add items to your list
    - Change the font color and font style
    - Select the background and footer colors 

    If the HTML5 widget will not embed on your site, go with the iFrame. You will have fewer customization options, but you will still be able to choose your width and height among the options available. 

    For both the HTML5 and the iFrame, you will be able to edit the content of the list as you see fit. 

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    What if I want to edit the list I choose to embed ?

    So you found a list, but you would like to make changes to the order, content or votes before you publish it on your site? No problem. Editing a list is easy on Ranker.

    When you click the embed button on the list of your choice, you will have the option to "Use List as-is" or "Create Your Own Version." Choose the latter option and you will be able to make changes to the list you are embedding. Once you have it how you want it, you can go ahead and customize the list like any other.

    Note, however, that because you will be essentially creating a new version of the list you are embedding, you will need to either login or register to finish the embed process. (Embedding "as-is" does not require a login, since you are making no content changes).

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    Can I get rid of the scroll bar?

    You sure can. When you are customizing your widget, click on the "Size" drop-down menu and type in the number of rows you would like to display. If the number you type in is larger than the amount of items on your list, they will all display at once. 

    The widget will not show extra, empty rows so feel free to add on a few extra to leave space for any later additions to the list. 

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