The Scoreboard: A List of Charlie Sheen's Girlfriends People
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The Scoreboard: A List of Charlie Sheen's Girlfriends

Charlie Sheen's girlfriends, ex-girlfriends and current goddesses. All of his past and present hookups, flings and relationships are listed here. This playboy's dating history is quite a record and hookups with models, celebrities and porn stars are nothing new for him. Amazingly, Charlie Sheen has never had a celeb sex tape surface, but with this roster of beautiful, high-profile women he's been attached to, there seems no doubt that Sheen will someday end up on the list of celebrity sex tapes himself, but for now, it's just Charlie and the goddesses, minus the celeb sex tape. Which one of Sheen's exes do you think is the best match for him?

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    Georgia Jones

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    Dated 2013

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