Sexcapades of the World's Most Corrupt Leaders People
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Sexcapades of the World's Most Corrupt Leaders

Sexcapades of famous world leaders: are they what motivates them to reach the very top of their country's political pyramid? What drives them to seek out the toughest, most publicly visible, most thankless kinds of careers, pushing their people reluctantly towards the future, and relying on only themselves and their insight to properly steer the ship of state? Harems. Sex parties. Sex parties with harems. All of these and more motivate many of the most notorious sex scandals of world leaders.

While many world leaders have a sense of duty and responsibility towards their beloved homeland or a desire to give back to the community that has given them so much, there are many corrupt world leaders looking for something more. Because, let's be honest... not everyone in a position of real political power around the globe seems to feel this way. In fact, a number of world leaders have been implicated in a shocking level of corruption during their time in office. Which makes sense if you think about it... Power is a corrupting influence, of course, and the office of president or prime minister or dictator-for-life is obviously going to appeal to someone with a lust for power to begin with, so it's a recipe for trouble.

What is also not surprising is how many of these corrupt world leaders share a predilection for perverse or at least, non-conventional sex. Putting fun new terms into our vocabularies like bunga-bunga parties, these "sexcapades" have many times brought otherwise massively-powerful individuals to their knees (No pun intended). 

The accusations included on this list are harsh, with everything from simple extramarital affairs to two-week benders with dozens of models (aka prostitutes) to flat-out rape accusations.

Many of the figures mentioned were later exonerated (like French economist and head of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn, accused of raping a New York City hotel housekeeper), and some went on to have completely healthy and normal political and personal careers.

In the words of Winston Churchill, the power of man has grown in every sphere, except over himself. As these world leaders who dealt with sex scandals will likely tell you, keeping it in their pants (or out of the press) can be the most difficult thing to control of all.

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    The Leader:
    Silvio Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy and head of Mediaset, the largest Italian broadcasting company

    The Sexcapades:
    Visits with underage prostitutes, recruiting escorts from around Europe, harassing policewomen, bunga-bunga parties

    The Dirty Details:
    Over the course of his long business and political career, Berlusconi has been accused of numerous criminal acts. Perhaps too numerous to even name? These include colluding with the Mafia, false accounting practices, tax fraud, bribing police officers and judges, drug trafficking, and embezzlement. Geez, collude with ONE MAFIA and suddenly you're some kind of villain.

    In addition to political corruption and unethical business practices, Berlusconi has had a long, sordid history of sex scandals and accusations of impropriety.

    Which leads us to a case against Berlusconi that's still ongoing, concerning a Moroccan nightclub dancer named Karima El Mahroug (also known as Karima Keyek or by her, um, professional name Ruby Rubcuori – in English, Ruby Heartstealer.)

    Allegedly, Berlusconi paid Ruby for sexual services in early 2010, when she was a minor. He's also accused of abusing the power of his office to secure Ruby's release after she was arrested in May 2010 by Milan police. (She'd been charged with stealing three thousand euros.) Apparently, Berlusconi phoned the Milan police from Paris and told them some story about Ruby being related to Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and arguing that they needed to release her to avoid an international crisis. (Guess that sounds better than "Please let me, secret hooker girlfriend, out, you guys.")

    It was Ruby who first shared details with the world about Silvio's "bunga-bunga" parties. These involved lavish catered affairs that would culminate in group sex between male and female invited guests. (At one such party, Silvio gave his beloved an envelope containing 7,000 euros, but not for sex! Just cause he's such a nice guy.)

    The lovely Miss Karima, looking completely innocent

    The term "bunga-bunga" is not one that exists outside of Berlusconi's fevered mind, but the accepted definition has since become "an erotic ritual which involves a powerful leader and several naked women."

    Then there's all the testimony from Berlusconi's alleged pimp, Gianpaolo Tarantini, who claims he paid for women to travel from across Italy as well as the United Kingdom to stay in luxury hotels and entertain the prime minister. (The girls were allegedly paid 1,000 euros per encounter, plus gifts and parties thrown in their honor.) Berlusconi is said to have once visited with eight of these women in a single evening. (One of them, Carolina Marconi, was a contestant on the Italian version of "Big Brother.")

    In connection with the Ruby affair, Berlusconi was indicted in February of 2011 and his trial began in May. In September, the Italian Senate voted to move the trial to a special Ministers' Court, where they felt the decision would be more fair. This is on top of separate ongoing cases against Berlusconi for the aforementioned fraud, bribery, and revealing of court secrets. Not a bad rap sheet for a 75-year-old man!

    Oh, one more thing... Here's a video of the prime minster making lewd and inappropriate gestures towards a police woman:



    Being the charmer that he is, he also described German Chancellor Angela Merkel "Unf***able", because that's what matters in politics.

    Age: 79
    Birthplace: Milan, Italy
    Profession: Businessperson, Politician, Entrepreneur, Film Producer, Media proprietor
    Schools: University of Milan
    Children: Marina Berlusconi, Barbara Berlusconi, Pier Silvio Berlusconi, Eleonora Berlusconi, Luigi Berlusconi
    Silvio Berlusconi : see more

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