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The Sexiest Celebrity Halloween Costumes

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With Halloween a couple of weeks away, I figured I should do my best to try to make this holiday sexy for all of us guys. So here's 25 of the sexiest celebrity costumes that you will find. My personal favorite was Selita Ebanks in that sexy devil costume. Vote up for who you think looks the sexiest. If you think I forgot someone, add them in. Enjoy!
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    Kate Beckinsale in a devil costume in 2007.

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    Candice Swanepoel dressed as a sexy casino dealer.

  3. 3
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    Alyson Michalka dressed as a sexy french maid vampire in 2010

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    Ashley Greene dressed up as a sexy peacock at a party in Las Vegas in 2009.

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    Kate Upton dressed up as a sexy skeleton at a party in 2011.

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