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Famous Suicides List

Famous suicides list is a list of famous people who committed suicide - celebrities and historical figures- with photos. The complete list of the most famous suicides in history, including a lot of Hollywood suicides. What celebrities have killed themselves? Some of these famous suicides happened by overdose of sleeping pills or drugs; many of those who took their own lives were consumed by depression. The list below shows all celebrity suicides and all other notable people who ended their lives. What celebrities have committed suicide? This list also includes information about the methods of committing suicide used by each of these famous people who killed themselves. If you find this list interesting, I would recommend checking out all the famous suicide notes.
  1. 1

    1972 South Korean actor, carbon monoxide poisoning

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    1936 American jazz saxophonist, jumped into New York City's East River

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  3. 3

    1899 American heiress, committed suicide with a firearm.

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  4. 4

    Antonin Moine 1796

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  5. 5

    1927 German born lover of English poet Ted Hughes; murder-suicide of her daughter with Hughes, gas ...

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    1966 British drummer for the band Lush, hanging

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  7. 7

    1967 Professional wrestler, hung himself after murdering his wife and son.

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    Clayne Jeffs Nephew of Warren Jeffs, committed suicide with a firearm after admitting that Warren Jeffs had ...

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  10. 10

    150 Roman emperor, killed himself after a defeat in battle

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  11. 11

    Deborah Laake 1953

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  12. 12

    1923 American photographer, overdosed on pills and slashed wrists

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  13. 13

    1890 American inventor of FM radio, jumped from a 13th floor window

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  14. 14

    1981 Venezuelan boxer, hanging, after arrest on suspicion of murdering his wife

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  15. 15

    1913 Governor of Montana, gunshot

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  16. 16

    1908 Danish actress, self-immolation

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  17. 17

    1937 Gonzo journalist, author of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", gunshot

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  18. 18

    1946 American writer

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  19. 19

    1971 American Ph.D. student, ingested potassium cyanide

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  20. 20

    1912 Member of the British Royal Family, shot himself

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  21. 21

    1968 American NFL player, gunshot

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  22. 22

    1939 Chief of Naval Operations, US Navy

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  23. 23

    1890 Estonian poet, doctor and politician

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  24. 24

    1954 American federal prosecutor and alleged child sex offender

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  25. 25

    1929 American singer, self-inflicted gunshot

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