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Famous Suicides List

Famous suicides list is a list of famous people who committed suicide - celebrities and historical figures- with photos. The complete list of the most famous suicides in history, including a lot of Hollywood suicides. What celebrities have killed themselves? Some of these famous suicides happened by overdose of sleeping pills or drugs; many of those who took their own lives were consumed by depression. The list below shows all celebrity suicides and all other notable people who ended their lives. What celebrities have committed suicide? This list also includes information about the methods of committing suicide used by each of these famous people who killed themselves. If you find this list interesting, I would recommend checking out all the famous suicide notes.
  1. 26
    1840 More
    President of Chile, gunshot
  2. 27
    1911 More
    Peruvian novelist and poet, gunshot
  3. 28
    1948 More
    Estonian poet and actor, cut his veins
  4. 29
    1887 More
    Japanese War Minister, seppuku
  5. 30
    1896 More
    Greek poet, gunshot
  6. 31
    1967 More
    American singer, songwriter and guitarist for Nirvana, gunshot
  7. 32
    1964 More
    American fashion designer/model: found dead hanging from a doorknob
  8. 33

    Leandro N. Alem

    1841 More
    Argentine politician, founder of the Radical Civic Union, gunshot to the head
  9. 34
    1966 More
    Estonian chess Grandmaster, jumped out of window
  10. 35
    1948 More
    Swiss actress, model and life partner of artist H. R. Giger, gunshot
  11. 36
    1844 More
    Austrian physicist famous for thermodynamics and the atomic theory, hanging
  12. 37
    1849 More
    Mexican poet
  13. 38
    1964 More
    Swedish musician"
  14. 39
    1931 More
    American leader of the Heaven's Gate religious cult, overdose
  15. 40
    1978 More
    United Arab Emirate Al Qaeda terrorist, 9/11 attacks
  16. 41
    1883 More
    French film and stage actor, double suicide with wife; veronal and morphine ingestion, cut ... more
  17. 42

    May Ayim

    1960 More
    German author, jumped from 13th floor of a Berlin building
  18. 43
    1774 More
    U.S. explorer with William Clark, gunshot. There is some debate as to whether his death was a ... more
  19. 44

    Michael Alfonso,

    A.k.a. Mike Awesome, American professional wrestler, hanging
  20. 45
    1926 More
    Actress, overdose of sleeping pills
  21. 46
    1968 More
    Egyptian Al Qaeda terrorist, 9/11 Attacks
  22. 47

    Nikki Bacharach

  23. 48
    1875 More
    Estonian politician, gunshot
  24. 49
    1912 More
    Mexican actor, gunshot
  25. 50

    Pekka-Eric Auvinen

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