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Famous Suicides List

Famous suicides list is a list of famous people who committed suicide - celebrities and historical figures- with photos. The complete list of the most famous suicides in history, including a lot of Hollywood suicides. What celebrities have killed themselves? Some of these famous suicides happened by overdose of sleeping pills or drugs; many of those who took their own lives were consumed by depression. The list below shows all celebrity suicides and all other notable people who ended their lives. What celebrities have committed suicide? This list also includes information about the methods of committing suicide used by each of these famous people who killed themselves. If you find this list interesting, I would recommend checking out all the famous suicide notes.
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    1874 Greek writer, killed herself when the Germans invaded Greece during WWII

  2. 52

    1874 Member of the British Royal Family, shot himself

  3. 53

    1943 Cuban-American artist and writer, drug and alcohol overdose

  4. 54

    1849 Congressman from Pennsylvania, shot himself after heavy losses in stock speculation

  5. 55

    Robert Hayward Barlow American writer and anthropologist, barbiturate overdose

  6. 56

    Robert M. McLane American mayor of Baltimore, gunshot

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  8. 58

    Robert Schommer 1946

  9. 59
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    Roger Angleton 1942 American murderer, cutting or hanging

  10. 60

    1907 American actor, gunshot

  11. 61

    1908 President of Chile; shot himself during a coup d'�tat � some sources allege that he was ...

  12. 62

    Samuel J. F. Thayer 1842

  13. 63

    1883 American political activist and conservationist, by self-starvation at 100 years of age

  14. 64

    Sergey Akhromeyev Marshal of the Soviet Union, hanging

  15. 65

    1958 Scottish guitarist and singer

  16. 66

    1944 English film director, jumped from a Los Angeles bridge


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