The Ten Best Videogames Most People Have Never Heard Of Video Games
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The Ten Best Videogames Most People Have Never Heard Of

These are the great games that for one reason or another, never made it to household name status. Maybe they didn't have a big enough advertising budget. Or they came out for a console that not enough people had. Or they were overshadowed by a more hyped game. Or they were really popular for a short while but have been forgotten by all but the most hardcore gamer of their genre. Whatever the reason, they never got famous even though they deserved to. Feel free to add your own favorite unsung games here. The more obscure the better.
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    One of the most innovative control systems ever made for a computer game. People would think this game totally rocked if it was re-released today with better graphics.

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    One of the better iterations of the "build it and they will come" strategy games. More depth and detail than the other games like it. Had a great theme and lots of gameplay variety. Coulda been a bigger series than The Sims if a marketing powerhouse like EA had been behind it.

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    For being a Star Wars game, this great game got almost no press, even when it came out. You still never see it on best of lists. It had great squad-based combat controls and a decent story. The chatter among the Clone Troopers was pretty funny.

  4. 4

    Mount and Blade

    There are many games set in medieval times. Also a growing number of games that let you ride horseback. None of them can compare to the gameplay in this obscure game. The detail is impeccable. The physics are quite accurate. I grew up riding horses on a cattle ranch and can tell you that this is the closest simulation of horseback riding I've ever seen. The combat, diplomacy, questing etc. are great too. If the graphics had more polish, I'd say it's the best game ever made.

  5. 5
    One of the most innovative and unique games to come out for the Nintendo DS. How many bomber flight sims have you seen on a handheld? This game has you manning every station on a B-17 bomber as it makes it's sorties in WWII. The controls are easy but the missions are challenging.

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