The Top 10 Oldest Living Things on Earth Anything
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The Top 10 Oldest Living Things on Earth

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List of the oldest living things on Earth, including the oldest animals, species, and organisms. You could probably nitpick some of these life forms within a million years here, a million years there... but the fact remains that these animals have been around a LONG @#$% time. They've achieved apparent perfection in their environment. Millennia have passed and they keep on keeping on. Sure, a tail might shorten, an extra tentacle might grow, or a more streamlined coat of armor.... but, like that guy you know with the haircut he's had since high school, these animals have asked themselves the question: why change it if it's working? These are the oldest living things on the planet, and they just might still be here long after we are nothing more than fossils found buried in a pile of styrofoam take-out boxes.
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    The oldest known fossils of cyanobacteria have been found on Archaean rocks of western Australia, dated 3.5 billion years old.

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