The Top 25 Greatest Internet Memes of 2010 Anything

The Top 25 Greatest Internet Memes of 2010

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2010 was a huge year for internet virality in general, from Conan O'Brien to Wikileaks, but the funniest parts of it all were the memes. This was an amazing year for memes. From Sad Keanu, to endless auto-tune remixes, to people making fun of the real-life events of human beings in peril (or going insane) or even just harmless image memes that made all of us smile, here are the 25 greatest internet memes of 2010, how they started, what they mean (what does it mean?) and why they're so funny.

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    Cigar Guy

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    This once-in-a-lifetime shot was sure to inspire a flurry of meme material. Don't know what we're talking about? Check out the guy in this crowd who sticks out the most. Yes, they guy with the cigar and the cartoonish mustache/look on his face. This, friends, is Cigar Guy.

    During the Ryder Cup, a sport photographer perfectly captured Tiger Woods chipping in a ball. The crowd behind Woods circled him from all sides and provide a perfect contrast to the ball itself that is frozen right in front of the lens of the camera. And just standing there was Cigar Guy.

    He inspired some of the following, hilarious, memes, where this man is featured in pretty much every crowd or every situation he could possibly be put into.

    A medley of Cigar Guy memes.

    Cigar Guy drawn for a Simpson Cartoon.

    Click here for a list of funny Cigar Guy pictures.
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    Race Guy

    So a meme from years back, a 4Chan Image Macro that stems from something that people generally find annoying happening and then a guy "Raging" by being mad, made it into t-shirts at Hot Topic. Everyone knows that Hot Topic is for posers, so 4Chan, the creators of the meme, started spreading a different kind of "Rage Guy." One that was really, really, really racist.

    Why? So that Hot Topic would think that the character they took was really a racist/KKK/neo-nazi symbol and they would stop selling him. Sure, it spawned a lot of extremely hateful stuff, but it was all satirical and it was all completely productive. Why? Because it WORKED, BABY!

    Here are some horribly, horribly offensive comics that got the internet's beloved Rage Guy taken out of Hot Topic stores.

    This was a huge victory for the internet, and a huge loss for common decency.

    Operation Black Rage instructions. These are the instructions that started this movement/revolt and actually got something taken out of stores.

    This is as racist as you can get, but is one of the images that got this taken out of stores. Does the end justify the means? You decide! Warning: N-Word is present.
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    Draw Muhammad Day

    In lieu of the Cartoon Wars South Park episode where Muhammad was threatened to be shown, a Seattle columnist thought it would be a good idea to come up with "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" in order to save Matt Parker and Trey Stone from death threats they were receiving from Muslim extremist groups for merely drawing Muhammad (which is apparently very, very taboo in Islam... enough for people to kill over it). The idea was that if there were too many people to send death threats to, there wouldn't be any more threats.

    Well, the idea took off and soon found its way on Facebook. And if something becomes popular on Facebook, then it pretty much takes a life of its own. And so "everybody Draw Muhammad Day" became a reality, despite the intense debate that followed it.

    The Simpsons trying to stay culturally relevant.

    This one is sure to offend a lot of people.

    The Facebook group featuring a Teddy Bear Muhammad.
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    Gaston Reads

    It all started with DeviantArt encouraging its users to make fun of Twilight for April Fools. Totally understandable. And then someone came up with the picture to your left.

    Gaston's face, the way he's holding the book, the fact that it is a Disney film, and that we don't see what he's looking at all provided inspiration for the Internet to unleash a new string of demotivational posters like these:

    Gaston trying to read Hooked on Phonics.

    Obama's U.S. Citizen records.

    Fanfiction judgment.

    Self explanatory and brilliant.
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    LOL Mel Gibson

    Well, anybody who has been following Hollywood for the last five years knows what's happened to Mel Gibson. Simply put, he makes the hate for Tom Cruise seem unreasonable. And this year, the Internet loves him for it. Why? Because he went on a hugely racist tirade that included the phrases "You'll get raped by a pack of n***ers" and "And then blow me." Some of the most crass words ever publicly released to be said by a celebrity, it was bound to spark a series of pictures with captions from his films featuring him saying what he did to his then-girlfriend during that fight where he went pretty damn insane.

    Mel Gibson has a beaver. The ultimate comeback to anything.

    Seriously, though. Where the hell did Mel Gibson get that beaver?

    Ah, the Beaver is from Mel Gibson's new movie. LOL version trailer found here.

    In hindsight, what Braveheart really was all about.

    The name of the meme, obviously, came from LOL Cats. This meme not only made fun of how absurd his words actually were, but put into perspective that whenever we see Mel Gibson now, we're going to think of this crazy tirade. Poor guy went the way of Michael Richards.

    Oh well... we'll see what he, or any other crazy celebrities, people and/or videos do next year. Happy end of 2010 everyone.
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