The Top 25 Sexiest Video Game Tattoos Anything
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The Top 25 Sexiest Video Game Tattoos

Here are twenty five greatest pieces of geeky, video-game-oriented, permanent body art on the most beautiful canvas mother nature has to offer: women. Every single one of these girls loves video games so much more than your current girlfriend that she decided to put something on her body to prove it -- forever. If that's not the hottest thing ever, I don't know what is.

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    Alt Girl Rocks a Kirby/Kracko Tattoo

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    Coming in at a close second is Sally McPerfectFace over here that is eye-banging the camera as Kirby jumps over one of the first, and greatest, bosses of his: Kracko. Kracko's always (conceptually) been one of the greatest video game bosses of all time, ever since his conception in the mid 90s, because he brings something that's usually harmless (clouds) and makes it dangerous. Not only that, but creepy. Imagine if they "de-toon'ed" this thing, a huge eye, embedded in a cloud above your head (as in, the thing standing between you and space) with spikes coming out of it.

    Awesome. Also, this girl is unbelievably seductive and kind of makes you wonder quite a few things emotionally, physically and socially, like: what is her favorite Kirby game?

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