The Top 25 Sexiest Video Game Tattoos Anything
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The Top 25 Sexiest Video Game Tattoos

Here are twenty five greatest pieces of geeky, video-game-oriented, permanent body art on the most beautiful canvas mother nature has to offer: women. Every single one of these girls loves video games so much more than your current girlfriend that she decided to put something on her body to prove it -- forever. If that's not the hottest thing ever, I don't know what is.

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    Smoking Hot Smoking Guns

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    So not only is this girl awesome for having power-ups on her midriff, but she's awesome for the callback to the Nintendo Light Gun. While a lot of classic tattoos would have used revolvers, she used Light Guns which makes her not only hot, but awesome.

    Also, if you notice the cherries, somewhere up there (beneath the pale boob light) there's a Pac-Man tattoo.

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