The Top 12 Celebrities Killed by the Internet People
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The Top 12 Celebrities Killed by the Internet

The internet's a killer. Twitter and other social media sites have a way of spreading news like wildfire, especially when it comes to a celebrity's untimely "demise." Over the years, the internet has helped fake death stories go viral within a matter of hours, fooling the average person (and sometimes even close friends of the celeb in question) into believing that yet another beloved star has shuffled off this moral coil. Which celebrities have been the subject of death hoaxes, "killed" by the internet?

No one is safe from death hoaxes, not even Oprah! Which other famous celebrities have supposedly died, despite concert performances and active Twitter lives following their dates of death? The musicians, actors, and other celebrities on this list have all woken up to find... that according to the internet, they're goners.

Did Paris Hilton really die? Read through the list below to find out the fates of these celebrities, who have been reported dead, only to turn up alive and well, the victims of completely false death rumors.
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    Announcement of Death:
    Miley Cyrus is the latest celebrity to be the victim of an online death hoax. The hoax started as a Facebook scam on July 19, 2014, designed to lure people to click through and take an online survey. The photo of Miley "overdosing" made the rounds with the alarming headline: "{SHOCKING} Miley Cyrus Found Dead In Her Los Angeles Home!" Source

    Miley Cyrus has terrible luck with the internet and should probably just stay away from it permanently. In September 2008, another death hoax was posted on Yahoo! saying that Cyrus had died in a car accident.


    Cyrus Still Alive:
    Miley successfully survived both death hoaxes. 
    After the first incident in 2008, Cyrus's appearance at her concert in New York disproved the hoax. The second time around, she posted a topless photo on her Instagram as proof that she was still alive and well. 

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