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VIDEO: Nirvana Once Played an Empty Show at Radioshack

It's easy to see why some bands have made it big based on their early shows. Famous rock bands and rappers will usually have someone, either a friend or family member, record a given performance, especially during their early years. When the footage is released, it's nothing short of amazing to see some of our biggest stars in a similar setting to where you and I likely would have performed if we were in bands.

There are some killer clips on this list, some that few knew existed. While there are a bunch of videos floating around on the Internet, seeing a pre-Bleach Nirvana play at Radio Shack in Aberdeen, Wash. in 1988 to literally no one outside of the cameraman is a treasure for any fan of the grunge icons. This early footage shows Kurt Cobain at his rawest and this early show gives fans a bit of insight of what it was like to hear Nirvana during their earliest stages.

Given the popularity of many of these musicians, it's hard to imagine how people didn't catch on to them at these early shows. At this Guns N' Roses acoustic show from 1986, you can hear people talking amongst themselves during early versions of "Move to the City."
This list features early shows ranging from The Beatles to LL Cool J. Sit back and enjoy some of your favorite musicians before they became the stars you know today.

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    Nirvana Plays in Front of No One at Radio Shack (1988)

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    Green Day Playing at a High School During Recess (1990)

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    Rage Against the Machine's First Show Ever at Cal State Northridge (1991)

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    The Ramones Rock CBGB's (1974)

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    Pearl Jam's First Show at the Off Ramp Cafe (1990)

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    Beastie Boys On a TV Show As a Punk Band (1983)

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