The Top NBA Players Of All Time Basketball Players
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The Top NBA Players Of All Time

List Criteria: Best basketball players to ever compete in the NBA.

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    #1 on the original list 1963 Obviously, the best player ever

  2. 2

    #5 on the original list 1936 His size carried the Warriors and Bucks

  3. 3

    #7 on the original list 1978 sadly in my mind, Kobe is #3 on my list

  4. 4

    #30 on the original list 1974 He never won a title, but he's still a htreat for people in the title hunt

  5. 5

    #25 on the original list 1962 Knicks love this guy

  6. 6

    #13 on the original list 1984 He won a title, now he can focus on being perfect


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